Football Academy Singapore – EuroAsia FC

Champions – EuroAsia FC 2 x 1 Anza Socceroos

Our team had an excellent performance against Anza the game could be sentenced in the first half …

EuroAsia FC  2 vs 1 Anza Socceroos

This last Sunday was an important day for EuroAsia FC, because the Team 2011 made history winning our first title ever by having an excellent performance during the league, 18 points, 6 winner games, 1 defeat, scoring 34 times and only 10 goals against in total of 7 games.

Our team had an excellent start with good chances of scoring goals, the game could be sentenced in the first half. The strategy to let the opponent starts their build-up so we could be pressing them up to steal the ball and create chances to score worked well allowing us to score the first goal with Jimmy in an action on the left side on minute 15.

5 minutes later, in a corner, Lukas passed the ball to Assaf who kicked it to the goal, Kimani controlled and pushed the ball to the net scoring the second goal. 

After many opportunities to score more goals, the first half finished 2 x 0 up. In the second half the team also had good actions, Colin stopped a penalty but the referee decided to redo and Anza scored their first and only goal in the game.


The final whistle came rewarding our players with the title and making history in the club.

Congratulations guys!!!


Line up: Colin – Assaf – Svea – Kimani – Lucas  – Jimmy – Kai Jing and Ercilio