Football Academy Singapore – EuroAsia FC

Good start for our Teams 2011 with brilliant victories, 7 x 0 against Coerver and 3 x 2 against Euro Soccer Academy

Both Teams 2011 stepped in the last Sunday with the right foot in the JSSL League, our boys played their first game over 2 years of Pandemic that stopped youth league in Singapore. But our players did well, winning the games against Coerver for 7 x 0 and Euro Soccer Academy for 3 x 2 also, both teams a guided by coach Jeff MacPherson who did a great job. 

EuroAsia FC vs Coerver 

Both teams started the game with equals chances to score the first goal, until minute 16, when Kimani scored the first goal, after that the team built more confidence on the pitch the created many chances to score and pressing up to the opponent. The second goal came after a good pressing from Lukas to the center back, after get the ball Lukas crossed to Kimani that was alone to score the second goal.

Again after win the challenge in the middle of the pitch, Hugo passed the ball to Assaf that in the first touch assisted Kimani to score 3 x 0 before finish the first half.

In the second half, Coerver started the game attacking, our goalkeeper Colin did 3 good solid  actions avoiding their first goal, also, Jimmy, Assaf and Svea had a great performance in the defensive system.

the forth goal came again by Assaf assisting Kimani scoring 4 x 0.

Hugo did a great action by dribbling among 3 opponents and kicked the ball in diagonal making our fifth goal in the game.


Kai King in a counter-attack faced the goalkeeper and scored 6 x 0 and before finish the game Lukas, Ercilio and Kai Jing did a triangle passing to Score the last goal of the game, final score 7 x 0, giving us the good impression of this team.

Line up: Colin – Jimmy – Assaf – Hugo – Lukas – Ercilio – Kimani – Kai Jing and Svea


EuroAsia FC vs Euro Soccer Academy


Our Team started the game giving more pace and creating more chances to score, so after 5 minutes Oliver Foo score the first for the Red & White team, after the opponent creates some good chances to equalise the game, Oliver Foo again having a great performance scored the 2 x 0 before finish the first half. 

In the second half our team was feeling a bit comfortable and relaxed in the marks in the defensive system giving a chance to the opponent equalise the game 2 x 2, after the “wake-up call” from coach coach Jeff, the team reacted with good chances to score that came in a free kick took by Miles, kicking the ball nicely to score the last goal of the game, final 3 x 2.

Players Line up: Nate – Fynn – Will – Miles – Oliver Foo – Jasper  – Ranveer – Darryl