Football Academy Singapore – EuroAsia FC

EuroAsia FC 2 x 3 Barça Academy

EuroAsia FC started the game winning 2 x 0 up, but Barça Academy reacts the last 10 minutes…

EuroAsia FC vs Barça Academy 

First half Euroasia was better on the field by creating more chances to score, the defensive system  with Assaf Jimmy and Hugo was quite solid. 

In the second half, our team did good passes and triangles, Lucas scored the first goal followed by Jimmy scoring the second goal.

But Barça reacts on time and created 3 opportunities scoring the winning goal against us.

Definitely EuroAsia FC showed more quality on the pitch and better game but it wasn’t enough to secure the 3 points, it was a good lesson for our players who still are on the top 3 on the table fighting for the title.

Line up: Colin – Jimmy – Assaf – Hugo – Lucas – Kai Jing – Kimani –  Svea and Ercilio