Football Academy Singapore – EuroAsia FC

Euroasia football club

EuroAsia Football Club was established in June 2021. Our lead coaches started their careers as professional Footballers in Singapore and abroad. They are passionate about passing on their knowledge and sharing their experiences with the next generation of players.
After many years working in youth Football in Singapore, we identified an opportunity to enhance the level of coaching and development programmes for players aged 5-17.  EuroAsia FC was formed in order to provide a quality training structure in which players of all levels can develop and refine their skills.  In addition to providing training we continuous assess players in order to monitor their progress and growth.  Our methodologies and assessments are tailored specifically to the age and abilities of the player.

Our Mission and Vision

Our ambition is to provide quality training programmes for players aged 5 -17 years old. It is also our mission to find and develop talent so that the games can be played at the highest level.

We value people and relationships. We want to build a community that respects, supports and encourages diversity, equality and inclusion.
We provide equal opportunities for all our players so that they can train and compete in a professional environment.
We impart life skills to our players through teamwork and hard work. We strongly encourage them to take calculated risk, to learn to take failure in their stride and thrive on challenges.
We constantly remind our players to take ownership and show leadership.
We continue to develop a growth mindset in our players so that they can improve their competence and fulfil their potential.
We nurture our players’ resilience and foster continuous learning which is the basis of accomplishment in every aspect of their life.