Terms and Conditions

Payment System (Quarterly Billing)

  • Terms in line with the regular calendar from the first day of the month until the last day.  (Eg: 1st January, 2023 till 31st January, 2023).



Billing structure: (every 3 months) 

  • Term 1 (July – August – September)
  • Term 2 (October – November – December)
  • Term 3 (January – February – March)
  • Term 4 (April – May – June)


Fees & Payments

  • Refunds EuroAsia FC has a no-refund policy. If you miss a paid lesson you can make-up for that lesson within the term. 
  • Notification Requirement: Parents must provide written notification of their intention to cancel their training sessions with EuroAsia FC. This notification must be submitted to the club management ([email protected]) at least 30 calendar days before the desired cancellation date.
  • Cancellation Process: To initiate this cancellation process, parents must send an email to [email protected]. Please include your child’s full name and desired cancellation date in your email.
  • Fees: Parents are liable for all fees during the 30-days notice period. 
  • Cancellation Confirmation: Upon receiving your cancellation request, we will acknowledge receipt and confirm the cancellation date. We will pro-rate your fees accordingly.
  • Access to Training: During the notice period, players can continue with their training sessions provided all fees due to EuroAsia FC are fully paid up.

Payment Methods

  • Payment should be made through PAYNOW or Transfer Bank.
  • We are cashless


Invoices & Fees

  • All invoices issued are to be settled upon receipt within 5 working days.
  • League fees are payable in full upon receipt of the invoice.
  • International Tournament fees are due the latest one before departure

Rates (based on Term)

  • 1 Training session per week: $525 
  • 2 Training sessions per week: $1,050
  • 3 Training sessions per week: $1,470
  • 4 Training sessions per week: $1,530
  • If your family is away from Singapore for more than 30 consecutive days, the fees due to the Academy will be 50% for the time you are away.  

E.g.: Ronaldo trains 3x times per week but will be away for 1 month during his holiday at the end of the year, so Ronaldo’s Term 3 will be calculated (January 50% + February 100% + March 100%) = $1,225 instead of $1,470



  • For missed training, the standard resolution is for a make-up class to be offered during the same year (Season).


Weather Policy

  • We will stop sessions when there’s lighting and heavy rain
  • Training sessions will held even when it rains moderately.
  • At the first sight of lightning, all players will leave the field and head for a sheltered area. Only when there has been a minimum of 15 minutes of no lighting, so the training be resumed.